Aims and Objectives

The most important aim of the School is to educate the student where he firmly molded in his moral, physical and excellent academic education.

We believe virtually all students are able to learn, even though all students are not succeeding in school. Many of them fall behind and leave school before graduation. These strategies help all students become more engaged in learning:

·         Use a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning, including auditory, visual and hands-on techniques

·         Present concepts in several ways, linking them to what students already know and checking frequently for understanding

·         Model learning strategies and encourage students to talk about their own thinking and learning processes

·         Teach students how to organize their thoughts using drawings, charts, outlines, thumbnails sketches.

·         Encourage students to use technology as a user-friendly tool for learning

·         Provide equal opportunities for all students to participate in class activities

·         Provide real-life & work applications of what students should know and be able to do

 The objective of the school is:

·        Make the children aware of their social responsibilities and train them accordingly.

·        Develop good manners in the children so that they tend to become a responsible youth in the society.