Our Vision

A Vision for Viviana Preschool and Creche

In charting a path for the future of Viviana Preschool and Creche, a common vision of what that future looks like is an essential first step. This school must be physically and intellectually safe places for students. In this school we believe all students are capable of learning and are challenged by high expectations. To meet this challenge, students must have a solid foundation of basic knowledge and skills. In addition, they must also be able to apply what they know.

To support the development of such students, teachers actively engage them in exploring, analyzing and understanding the world. Learning is interesting, hands-on and has real applications that are important to students. We recognize that students learn better, remember more, and develop deeper understandings of both knowledge and thinking processes if they have the opportunity to actively explore content and concepts. They view learning as the on-going process of extending and fine tuning their ideas and understanding through application. As a result, they take responsibility for their own learning, see its worth and make connections to the world beyond the classroom.

In addition, teachers and administrators in these communities see themselves as learners. They gain greater insight into their profession from their experiences among their students and in contact with their colleagues. They constantly seek to extend their knowledge and expertise, and frequently engage in professional development activities to deepen their professional skills and understanding.

The schools we envision also involve parents, business leaders and interested citizens in a multitude of educational activities. In turn, these people accept the responsibility for supporting and nurturing the learners within the school and see themselves as an important part of the learning community.